3 reasons to join the Placebo Cocktail Phenomenon

They’re basically a health drink and really good for you.

Gone  are the days of sickly sweet, sugar laden mocktails, the new breed of placebo  cocktails mean business. Developed by highly skilled bartenders that craft artisan recipes with a focus on herbs, roots and fresh produce. Often mixed with other health giving fermented drinks such as kombucha or kefir the overall result is a nutrient dense drink brimming with antioxidants in a low calorie format.  Quaffing one of these beauties supports your immunity and boosts your energy.

They nourish our often neglected fifth sense .

 Taste, our marginalised fifth sense needs a piece of the action; part of the experience of going to a bar is to focus on the drinks so a diet coke just isn’t going to cut it. Placebo cocktails offer new and exciting taste combinations, the experience is grown up and celebratory. There is no space for sensory deprivation only an opportunity for our taste buds to be stimulated into awakening.

The Placebo effect is pretty awesome.

These cocktails look, smell and taste as good as the real thing and that’s good enough for our brains! Psychological research has frequently shown that individuals drinking an alcohol placebo, act and feel as if they have drunk alcohol. It’s all in our expectations, if we expect the drink to make us more relaxed, flirtier or more talkative we will fulfil those expectations. The best part is that we get all the benefits with none of the drawbacks; finally a safe way to stay in the ‘tipsy zone’ no matter how much we continue to drink we’re not going to get drunk! Bottoms up, I’ll drink to that! My favourite drinks for the festive season:

Virgin Bloody Mary– an absolute classic

Seedlip Espresso MartiNO