When thinking too much leads to drinking too much

If any of the following resonates with you, Holla and Heard offer support for alcohol abuse in Ilkley, Harrogate, Leeds, Yorkshire.  

Alcohol in a balanced life

As a woman that likes balance, pieces fitting together and things making sense I spent a lot of time living a life where, in retrospect,  there was one aspect of my life that was completely out of sync. The funny thing is, with this particular anomaly,  I chose not to notice how the piece didn’t fit into the jigsaw of my life. I was conscious of healthy living throughout my 20’s and 30’s and wanted to look and feel good;  great effort was put into achieving this. The gym was akin to my second home and I had a cupboard full of spirulina, maca and baobab and a family that (somewhat unwillingly) were guinea pigs for my weekly recipes made with the aforementioned  green powders.

Making excuses for alcohol use

How then did I assimilate this healthy living life with the  fact that I had a blood type that was wine positive? Well, it was easy as I lived a lot in my head; I was a quick drinker and a fast thinker. I loved gaining knowledge, especially any snippets of evidence that promoted the benefits of drinking. These little golden nuggets of information would be immediately stored in the filing cabinet in my head marked ‘wine is awesome’. Some of my favourites in there were: “Two hours of exercise a week can offset the dangers of alcohol”; “beer boosts libido”; “spirits help weight loss” and “vodka and cranberry increases your creativity” By my rationale these benefits meant that I was in positive equity and, if anything, I had earned extra wine points. If ever there was a feeling emerging that perhaps things weren’t okay on the alcohol front I was ready (with my wine toolbox) to knock that feeling back down beneath the surface.

Lying to ourselves about alcohol consumption

This is the thing, if you live a lot in your head, you can intellectualise anything to work in your favour, if you want something to be true, you can make it true by telling  yourself these little lies. Not that we know they are lies at the time. To know that we are lying to ourselves would be too painful and to know the truth; that we are damaging our health and possibly our relationships through drink, would also be too painful.

Our minds like to protect us from pain and this is when our defence mechanisms kick in with full force. Rationalisation comes from the head, it is an emotion free zone and this, combined with alcohol’s ability to suppress our emotions and block presence to ourselves can keep us stuck in an unhealthy relationship with alcohol for longer than necessary (there is no need to delay, Holla and Heard offer support for alcohol abuse in Ilkley, Harrogate, Leeds, Yorkshire).

How to change your alcohol use

So if you have a niggling feeling that your relationship with alcohol is out of sync with the rest of your life, the trick is to get out  of your head and to feel. Connect back with your body and your emotions. Notice where in your body you locate the feeling and with this you will know, really know whether you need to call time with the wine. Our bodies don’t lie. Holla and Heard offer support for alcohol abuse in Ilkley, Harrogate, Leeds, Yorkshire.


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