About the course


Online self-help alcohol  course

This course will be available to access soon. The course is designed by our expert Gina who is a qualified teacher and practising psychotherapist.

This is a six-module goal orientated self-help course which you can complete at your leisure.

  • The course is designed to get you in control of your drinking behaviour.
  • You will gain an understanding of your drinking personality and learn tools and techniques to change your behaviour.

This course is for you if you wish to have a healthier relationship with alcohol. We all of  have the capacity to change our alcohol use with the correct knowledge.



Online Self-help Alcohol Course Benefits

Improve your self esteem

Learn ways to face social situations without the booze by strengthening your inner confidence. Get rid of the alcohol induced self-loathing which gradually erodes your self esteem.

Feel less anxious and improve your mood

Alcohol is a depressant and it plays havoc with your moods. Get rid of the alcohol induced anxiety and mood swings and develop strategies to manage any underlying anxiety or mood issues.

Feel calmer

Learn ways to relax and take-away the stresses of the day without alcohol. Find out what makes you stressed and develop ways to change this.

Be prepared for the future

Whatever comes your way you can handle it, you will be strong enough to face the the ups and downs of life without alcohol. You will have a therapy tool-kit to tackle things head on.

Healthy Lifestyle

Find out ways to overhaul your lifestyle to a healthy one that serves you and those around you. Little steps add up to big changes. Be brave enough to switch it up. A sober life will be a full life . You will look better, feel better!

Improved relationships

Fulfilling relationships are central to your well-being. Alcohol can become your main relationship, without it you will have the opportunity to grow and develop healthy, satisfying relationships.

If you want these benefits in your future get in touch at hello@hollaandheard.com