Online self-help course

specialising in alcohol use disorder

Holla - meaning: 'to call attention to something'

Holla + Heard manifesto:

Helping people to break free from anxiety and alcohol use disorders in order to improve their emotional well-being.

Would I benefit from the alcohol self-help course?

If any of the following apply to you, it’s usually a sign that your relationship with alcohol is not as healthy as it could be:

  • Do you have the feeling you’re drinking too much?
  • Has anyone else expressed concern about your drinking?
  • Is your drinking causing problems in your relationships?
  • Is your drinking causing problems for your health (physical/psychological/emotional health)?
  • Have you had occasions where you have drunk more or for longer than you intended?

The alcohol self-help course can help you to change your drinking habits and reach your goal of stopping drinking or cutting down. Learn how to be happy and healthy without alcohol.

(If you are alcohol dependent please seek advice from your GP before you change your alcohol use).

If you’re sober curious or want to control your drinking get in touch!

  • Learn in a comfortable environment, you can be at home or on holiday; it’s your choice.
  • Learn at your own pace, there’s no pressure to complete each module within a certain time frame.
  • Confidential service, no information is shared when you access the course.
  • Lower overall cost than alcohol therapy.
  • Access to the course 365 days a year